mansion for sale Saint-Sauvy, Gers

€ 186.000


property description

I want to sell my loft, 32270 St Sauvy - Gers - Midi-Pyrenées, France +/- 290 ²m living space and studios to work in. It has been profoundly renovated from the bottom to the top in a very exclusive and modern architectural style. It has the possibility to live in luxury for two persons but it is also possible to adjust more rooms and a bathroom (without having to open floors and walls again) ifyour family contains more members: all you need for that is provided in floors and walls during the renovation.

On the groundfloor , there is 150 m² studio spaces. The walls in natural stones are 50 cm thick which makes the temperature and in winter and in summer very comfortable. On the first floor (isolated walls, floor and ceiling) temperature is regulated with an airconditioning that gives heat or cold air along the season and there is also a wood stove. Quality windows with quality double glass and secured against burglary. After long abcence you heat the building up in a couple of hours. It stays absolutely dry inside even after long abcence (6 months for ex) which is an absolutelute benefit if you want to keep it as a secondary house. Houses in stone need a couple of days to warm up and houses made of clay too ... and they both produce fungals in the house during your abcence.

This is not the case with this building. And yes, we have a good internet too.

The building is situated in a small and peaceful village. The house has a partly covered terrace and the roof is flat as well which gives you a surface of 140 m² with magnificent views on the nature all around the village and the snowy mountains: Pyrenées. You can benefit from this magnificent landscape views without having to deal with gardening, maintaining woods or land: just take your rest and relax!

All you need to maintain a civilised life can be found in the nearest village at 7 km from the front door: culture, swimming pool, sports, schools, doctors, food ... . There are plenty of lakes around that are transformed in recreation parcs. The airport of Toulouse is a twenty minutes drive. The historical city Toulouse is at 60 km, The city Auch is at 20 km. Toulouse is the second metropole of france and invested all it needs to be a modern city. It it also renowned for its hospitals who are the best of france.

The Gers is a department with the most music festivals of France. There are not that much tourists over here . They call it the Tuscany of France because of its architecture and looking alike landscapes. It is the homeland of d'Artagnan, Armagnac and gooses.

I am trained as an interior designer and have years of practice in the field. The renovation is done in a professional way and is documented with a lot of photographs to proof my words. Visits only by appointment.

electricity, roof in good condition, water, dining room, kitchen, parking, sewer system connected, structure sound, wood heating, double glass windows, heating electrical

property details

Franimo nr.: #4444376
reference: sale of a loft with studios
region: Gers
close to/ located in: Saint-Sauvy
property type: mansion
rooms: 6
property surface: 286 m2
land/ garden: - m2
price: € 186.000

energy consumption

≤ 50A
51 - 90B
91 - 150C
150 - 230D
231 - 330E
331 - 450F
451 - 590G

gas emission

≤ 5A
6 - 10B
11 - 20C
21 - 35D
36 - 55E
56 - 80F
> 80G

marketed by

erwin clauws/MdSt

name: tania de bruycker
address: 86 moerbeekstraat
9870 zulte
speaks: Dutch, English, French, German

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costs of this property in Saint-Sauvy (Gers)

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Notary fees and taxes
At current selling price/ paid only once.
14 290 €
Property tax
Estimated between 372 € and 1 302 €
Housing tax
Estimated between 372 € and 930 €
Insurance From 165 euro a year
Energy, depends on your consumption.
A subscription for 3KW at the EDF is about 70 € a year, in addition you pay the costs of use.
Water, depends on your consumption and can differ per municipality (ask at the municipality).
Sewerage, depends on your water consumption and can differ per municipality (ask at the municipality).
If there is no sewerage system available, check whether the current septic tank is up to standard. If not, it has to be replaced. For the placement of a new septic tank, count around 7,000 and 11,000 euros. More information about the septic tank can be found here (in French).
Heating, depends on your consumption and method of heating (wood, oil, electric, etc.).

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