terrain for sale La Guerche, Indre-et-Loire

€ 29.500


property description

Terrain for sale in or close to La Guerche in the Indre-et-Loire region with an asking price of € 29.500 , surface 750 m2 with 1 rooms . from real estate company Transaxia Le Grand Pressigny .

property details

Franimo nr.: #4782134
reference: 141CAL90637
region: Indre-et-Loire
close to/ located in: La Guerche
property type: terrain
rooms: 1
property surface: 750 m2
land/ garden: - m2
price: € 29.500

energy consumption

≤ 50A
51 - 90B
91 - 150C
150 - 230D
231 - 330E
331 - 450F
451 - 590G

gas emission

≤ 5A
6 - 10B
11 - 20C
21 - 35D
36 - 55E
56 - 80F
> 80G

marketed by

Transaxia Le Grand Pressigny

real estate agent: Transaxia Le Grand Pressigny
name: not specified

phone: 0601794902
speaks: not specified

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costs of this property in La Guerche (Indre-et-Loire)

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Notary fees and taxes
At current selling price/ paid only once.
3 523 €
Property tax
Estimated between 59 € and 207 €

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