village house for sale Senaide, Vosges

€ 18.000


property description

It is a very basic village house in a small village definitely in need of attention, because it's been uninhabited for a while. Through the gate you have a nice little courtyard in front. When you enter the house, you step into the kitchen with fireplace, the old stone ash place is still intact. You continue from the kitchen to the salon with the old cabinet still there. This lounge has French doors leading to a small terrace with stone steps leading up to the garden and small orchard of around 500 m2 above with stunning views over the hills and forests of the low Vosges. From the kitchen there is a large staircase up, here you have 2 spacious rooms and a bathroom that needs to be completely renovated (like the rest of the house). Water and electricity are closed, but can be obtained, no problem. Sewerage is a septic tank, what to do with it is not entirely clear. Roof is in reasonable order, but definitely needs to be checked. The house is located in a small village on a continuous, but not busy road. All in all a nice house that you should definitely should renovate. The price is excellent and I think there is still room to negotiate even further!

property details

Franimo nr.: #5720620
reference: -
region: Vosges
close to/ located in: Senaide
property type: village house
rooms: 3
bedrooms: 2
property surface: 100 m2
land/ garden: 400 m2
price: € 18.000

energy consumption

≤ 50A
51 - 90B
91 - 150C
150 - 230D
231 - 330E
331 - 450F
451 - 590G

gas emission

≤ 5A
6 - 10B
11 - 20C
21 - 35D
36 - 55E
56 - 80F
> 80G

marketed by

Inter-France/ Sympa Immobilier

real estate agent: Inter-France/ Sympa Immobilier
name: Eric Goosen
address: 22 Rue du Pressoir
52400 Melay
phone: 632738935
speaks: Dutch, English, French, German
rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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costs of this property in Senaide (Vosges)

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Notary fees and taxes
At current selling price/ paid only once.
2 732 €
Property tax
Estimated between 36 € and 126 €
Housing tax
Estimated between 36 € and 90 €
Insurance From 165 euro a year
Energy, depends on your consumption.
A subscription for 3KW at the EDF is about 70 € a year, in addition you pay the costs of use.
Water, depends on your consumption and can differ per municipality (ask at the municipality).
Sewerage, depends on your water consumption and can differ per municipality (ask at the municipality).
If there is no sewerage system available, check whether the current septic tank is up to standard. If not, it has to be replaced. For the placement of a new septic tank, count around 7,000 and 11,000 euros. More information about the septic tank can be found here (in French).
Heating, depends on your consumption and method of heating (wood, oil, electric, etc.).

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