About Franimo

With this uncomplicated and user-friendly internet site, Franimo opens up the the real estate market in France for foreign buyers.

We do not operate as real estate agents in France ourselves, but we provide an online meeting place for supply and demand. Notaries, real estate agents and private sellers can add their French properties for free. As a potential buyer of a French property you can search freely in our pool of French real estate. Perhaps you find your future French property on Franimo and will become the owner of a property in France.

Franimo also has an idealistic objective: preserving authentic French property and re-using it. We would like to see the aged houses of France, heritage that is not protected by the authorities and often on the brink of total collapse, brought back in the original state and preserved. Still a lot of houses in France are in need of renovation and restoration. And what is more rewarding and sustainable than renovating a property in France!

Franimo (Franimo.com, Franimo.fr, Franimo.de and Franimo.nl) is created by professionals in web design and communications.

The creators/site managers of Franimo, living both in the Netherlands and in France, have a passion for France since childhood. They have extensive experience in French real estate.

Technically responsible for Franimo is Choose Interactive, creator of SpanishEstate.com, one of the largest online Spanish property portals.

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