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Have you ever dreamt of buying a property in France? Now you can find your French dream home with Franimo! Franimo is a portal specially built for the foreign buyer of French real estate. Do you like to renovate an authentic French property or do a barn coversion? We have cheap French properties in the countryside of the Auvergne, Burgundy, Dordogne, Ardeche, Normandy and Britanny. We also have luxurious villas and apartments on the French riviera or in the Provence. We have village properties, farms, barns, beautiful French castles for sale and many more. Do you like to start a vineyard, bed and breakfast or camping? We have the largest offer of commercial real estate in France. We have property offers from real estate agents, notaries or directly from the owners. The offers are always up to date. We are ready to help you with all your questions. We work closely with different specialists.

Your French home on all our websites in French, German, English and Dutch (also Belgium). Show your house to our many foreign buyers!

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Joyeuse Ardeche estate #5301426

estate Joyeuse


1 475 000 € Southern France - Ardêche Beautiful, unique domain with now 5 residential...

Montier-en-Der Haute-Marne detached house #5444011

detached house Montier-en-Der


9 900 € Small authentic timber frame property near the Lac du Der...

Bourbonne-les-Bains Haute-Marne mansion #5540198

mansion Bourbonne-les-Bains


212 000 € Well, what doesn't this house have? Authenticity: check. Large rooms:...

Fayl-Billot Haute-Marne village farm #5444012

village farm Fayl-Billot


12 000 € Well what to say about this property, it is for...

Jussey Haute-Saône village house #5540200

village house Jussey


14 000 € Who dares to renovate? Nice house for a small price...

Tourniac Cantal village house #5580228

village house Tourniac


75 000 €

Ainvelle Vosges village farm #5092088

village farm Ainvelle


88 000 € Beautiful, large, authentic and classic house for the region. Located...

Jussey Haute-Saône village farm #5063037

village farm Jussey


30 000 € House with a Provencial appearance, cozy, but with a lot...

Roussillon-en-Morvan Saône-et-Loire house #4931252

house Roussillon-en-Morvan


284 000 € Beautiful house with lots of character, in stone, well exposed...