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95 000 €

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Have you ever dreamt of buying a property in France? Now you can find your French dream home with Franimo! Franimo is a portal specially built for the foreign buyer of French real estate. Do you like to renovate an authentic French property or do a barn coversion? We have cheap French properties in the countryside of the Auvergne, Burgundy, Dordogne, Ardeche, Normandy and Britanny. We also have luxurious villas and apartments on the French riviera or in the Provence. We have village properties, farms, barns, beautiful French castles for sale and many more. Do you like to start a vineyard, bed and breakfast or camping? We have the largest offer of commercial real estate in France. We have property offers from real estate agents, notaries or directly from the owners. The offers are always up to date. We are ready to help you with all your questions. We work closely with different specialists.

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Senaide Vosges village house #5720620

village house Senaide


18 000 € It is a very basic village house in a small...

Vernoux-en-Vivarais Ardeche house #5733527

house Vernoux-en-Vivarais


325 000 € Large old farmhouse with exposed stonewalls. As we will soon be...

Plessala Côtes-d'Armor estate #5640611

estate Plessala


367 500 € Welcome to Moulin Havelard, located in the côtes d'armor region,...

Samazan Lot-et-Garonne villa #5753728

villa Samazan


485 000 € Very complete villa in the Lot & Garonne, halfway between...

Mauroux Lot chalet #5482906

chalet Mauroux


76 500 €

Écuras Charente chalet #5753621

chalet Écuras


67 500 €

Épiry Nièvre hotel restaurant #5024917

hotel restaurant Épiry


460 000 € Exclusive for sale a beautiful combined company with a small...

Darney Vosges monastery #5733585

monastery Darney


430 000 € In a hidden valley lies this old Cistercian monastery. What...

Montigny-le-Roi Haute-Marne bed and breakfast #5566556

bed and breakfast Montigny-le-Roi


199 000 € Award winning authentic bed and breakfast near Langres. Everything included...