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Buy a property in the region of Brittany in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 4817 properties for sale in Brittany. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Brittany or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Brittany is € 242.023.

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Malguénac Morbihan house picture 5620155

house Malguénac


€ 30.000 In France in postcode area 56300 for sale splendid property. Buy this house in...


Louannec Côtes-d'Armor house picture 5619749

house Louannec


€ 499.000 This property in Louannec (Côtes-d'Armor) is offered by real estate agent 3 pourcent. In...

Nivillac Morbihan commercial picture 5619721

commercial Nivillac


€ 112.500 Buying a Commercial with a surface of 130 m2. Commercial for sale with reference...

La Trinité-Surzur Morbihan house picture 5619720

house La Trinité-Surzur


€ 216.300 Buying a House with a surface of 77 m2. House with a total of...

Vannes Morbihan house picture 5618847

house Vannes


€ 428.800 For Sale house in Vannes. In Vannes nice property for sale in the region...

Plaintel Côtes-d'Armor terrain picture 5621953

terrain Plaintel


€ 35.000 Top buy in Plaintel only 35000 euro. In France in postcode area 22940 for...

Pont-Aven Finistère terrain picture 5621942

terrain Pont-Aven


€ 37.793 For Sale terrain in Pont-Aven. Top buy in Pont-Aven only 37793 euro. Terrain with...

Ploemeur Morbihan house picture 5621925

house Ploemeur


€ 323.000 In Ploemeur nice property for sale in the region Brittany. For Sale house in...

Le Faouët Morbihan house picture 5621916

house Le Faouët


€ 279.760 For Sale house in Le Faouët. In Le Faouët nice property for sale in...

Querrien Finistère house picture 5618400

house Querrien


€ 86.000 Centred around a traditional stone house which has a new roof, windows and...

Langonnet Morbihan house picture 5621878

house Langonnet


€ 199.500 Buy this house in the French departement Morbihan. Top buy in Langonnet only 199500...