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Buy a property in the region Deux-Sèvres in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 592 properties for sale in Deux-Sèvres. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Deux-Sèvres or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Deux-Sèvres is € 170.543.

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Prahecq Deux-Sèvres terrain picture 6052785

terrain Prahecq


€ 78.000 Terrain with nice garden or terrain of 1405 m2. This property in Prahecq (Deux-Sèvres)...


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Secondigné-sur-Belle Deux-Sèvres house picture 6061497

house Secondigné-sur-Belle


€ 168.200 In Secondigné-sur-Belle nice property for sale in the region Poitou-Charentes. For Sale house in...

Thouars Deux-Sèvres house picture 6061432

house Thouars


€ 84.000 For Sale house in Thouars. House with nice garden or terrain of 1300 m2....

Clavé Deux-Sèvres farm picture 6048488

farm Clavé


€ 316.940 This very large, well-maintained farmhouse with swimming pool is in a very quiet location and...

Niort Deux-Sèvres house picture 6061351

house Niort


€ 194.250 Top buy in Niort only 194250 euro. In France in postcode area 79000 for...

Le Beugnon Deux-Sèvres detached house picture 5845147

detached house Le Beugnon


€ 332.000 Stunning Home Ideal for Tea Rooms, Residential Courses or B&BREDUCEDAre you looking for a...

Sauzé-Vaussais Deux-Sèvres house picture 6061188

house Sauzé-Vaussais


€ 85.000 House for sale with reference VM14342-IMMOFORFAIT-24. This property in Sauzé-Vaussais (Deux-Sèvres) is offered by...

Fomperron Deux-Sèvres house picture 5710163

house Fomperron


€ 329.000 For sale is a lovely house situated near St Maixent LEcole in the Deux Sevres.From...

Paizay-le-Chapt Deux-Sèvres house picture 6061178

house Paizay-le-Chapt


€ 163.000 Top buy in Paizay-le-Chapt only 163000 euro. In Paizay-le-Chapt nice property for sale in...

Brioux-sur-Boutonne Deux-Sèvres house picture 6061164

house Brioux-sur-Boutonne


€ 247.000 Buy this house in the French departement Deux-Sèvres. For Sale house in Brioux-sur-Boutonne. Top...

Bressuire Deux-Sèvres house picture 6050027

house Bressuire


€ 388.000 Buy this house in the French departement Deux-Sèvres. House for sale with reference 79387....