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Buy a property in the region of Franche-Comté in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 1618 properties for sale in Franche-Comté. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Franche-Comté or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Franche-Comté is € 198.796.

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Chemilly Haute-Saône house picture 4580154

house Chemilly


€ 3.950.000 CHEMILLY, in small village HIGH-SAONOIS 10 minutes from VESOUL, 1h30 from BASEL, 30 minutes from...


Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and Alps

Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and the Alps.

Vesoul Haute-Saône house picture 4580152

house Vesoul


€ 3.692.000 VESOUL, a beautiful neighbourhood close to the city centre and Space of the motte, beautiful...

Dampierre Jura terrain picture 4774382

terrain Dampierre


€ 57.000 Terrain for sale with reference ACH90779-1203. For Sale terrain in Dampierre. Buy this terrain...

Dampierre Jura terrain picture 4774380

terrain Dampierre


€ 63.000 Top buy in Dampierre only 63000 euro. In Dampierre nice property for sale in...

Dampierre Jura terrain picture 4774378

terrain Dampierre


€ 61.000 In France in postcode area 39700 for sale splendid property. Terrain with nice garden...

Anjeux Haute-Saône house picture 4771898

house Anjeux


€ 23.990 For Sale house in Anjeux. Top buy in Anjeux only 23990 euro. Buy this...

Hautevelle Haute-Saône house picture 4771786

house Hautevelle


€ 74.990 In France in postcode area 70800 for sale splendid property. In Hautevelle nice property...

Vaucluse Doubs estate picture 4531688

estate Vaucluse


€ 2.120.000 Proudly located at the top of a hill, in an exceptional and privileged position offering...

Durnes Doubs house picture 4768349

house Durnes


€ 240.000 House with a total of 5 rooms. House for sale with reference 27245DHI925. Top...

Baume-les-Dames Doubs apartment picture 4768130

apartment Baume-les-Dames


€ 28.000 This property in Baume-les-Dames (Doubs) is offered by real estate agent Open Habitat. For...

Métabief Doubs house picture 4766020

house Métabief


€ 143.000 House with a total of 2 rooms. In Métabief nice property for sale in...




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