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Buy a property in the region of Lower Normandy in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 2091 properties for sale in Lower Normandy. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Lower Normandy or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Basse-Normandie is € 264.015.

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L'Aigle Orne house picture 4779737

house L'Aigle


€ 795.000 In France in postcode area 61300 for sale splendid property. In L'Aigle nice property...


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Pont-l'Évêque Calvados house picture 4779733

house Pont-l'Évêque


€ 1.272.000 For Sale house in Pont-l'Évêque. Buy this house in the French departement Calvados. Top...

Pont-l'Évêque Calvados house picture 4779724

house Pont-l'Évêque


€ 363.000 In France in postcode area 14130 for sale splendid property. Top buy in Pont-l'Évêque...

Aubigny Calvados house picture 4532992

house Aubigny


€ 620.000 Cassis - In a luxury residence close to the sea, very nice apartment of 73...

Soulangy Calvados villa picture 4532780

villa Soulangy


€ 2.580.000 Gorgeous new property in Cassis for renovation. Enjoy breath-taking sea views from this beautiful family...

Beuvrigny Manche house picture 4781074

house Beuvrigny


€ 125.000 Buying a House with a surface of 100 m2. This property in Beuvrigny (Manche)...

Saint-Gilles Manche house picture 4781069

house Saint-Gilles


€ 205.000 House with a total of 7 rooms. In France in postcode area 50180 for...

Ménil-Hubert-en-Exmes Orne house picture 4781068

house Ménil-Hubert-en-Exmes


€ 121.000 In France in postcode area 61230 for sale splendid property. In Ménil-Hubert-en-Exmes nice property...

Noron-l'Abbaye Calvados villa picture 4531623

villa Noron-l'Abbaye


€ 945.000 Cassis - Exclusivity - Private and enclosed, single storey villa totalling 110 m2, terraced on...

Deauville Calvados house picture 4745979

house Deauville


€ 965.000 DEAUVILLE This very nice apartment offers you a privileged location in the heart of marinas....

Équeurdreville-Hainneville Manche house picture 4778303

house Équeurdreville-Hainneville


€ 101.726 Buy this house in the French departement Manche. Top buy in Équeurdreville-Hainneville only 101726...




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