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Badens Aude house picture 3995867

house Badens


€ 147.000 Mark und sein team von unabhängigen beratern Dr. House Immo, die sie bieten, Freundlich und...


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Châteauneuf-Val-de-Bargis Nièvre property with holiday home picture 3587143

property with holiday home Châteauneuf-Val-de-Bargis


€ 132.000 Top buy in Châteauneuf-Val-de-Bargis only 132000 euro. Property With Holiday Home for sale with...

Aulnoye-Aymeries Nord house picture 3995864

house Aulnoye-Aymeries


€ 39.000 Maria DENEUBOURG, ihrem unabhängigen Ratgeber Dr. House, Immo, hren 0615437332 bietet studio mbel, tolle lage,...

Chambon Gard house picture 3523198

house Chambon


€ 235.000 Maison Vern is an enchanting house build in typical stone of the Cevennes, situated in...

Toulouse Haute-Garonne apartment picture 3995621

apartment Toulouse


€ 333.000 Buy this apartment in the French departement Haute-Garonne. Apartment with a total of 3...

Chinon Indre-et-Loire detached house picture 3522721

detached house Chinon


€ 173.000 Farmhouse between LOUDUN and CHINON On the ground floor kitchen with fireplace, pantry, living...

Toulouse 31400 Haute-Garonne apartment picture 3995617

apartment Toulouse 31400


€ 259.900 Top buy in Toulouse 31400 only 259900 euro. In Toulouse 31400 nice property for...

Le Barroux Vaucluse village house picture 3291019

village house Le Barroux


€ 795.000 Magical! In a village known for its beauty and authenticity, this property offers breathtaking views...

Le Brusc Var house picture 3995866

house Le Brusc


€ 233.000 Marlene DIETRICH, ihrem unabhängigen Ratgeber Dr. House, Immo, hren 0750600400 sie bietet eine Schne lage...

Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise Puy-de-Dôme bed and breakfast picture 3282506

bed and breakfast Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise


€ 495.000 This 700 years old house is original a Diligence Hotel, still now they receive guests...

Mussidan Dordogne house picture 3995862

house Mussidan


€ 192.543 Nicolas VILLATE, uw onafhankelijke Adviseur Dr House Vastgoed, uw luisteren naar de 0662458654 biedt Dicht...


Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and Alps

Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and the Alps.