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Buy a property in the region Aisne in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 8 properties for sale in Aisne. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Aisne or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Aisne is € 196.461.

The Aisne region is not so far from England and is also known under the name of the Thierache. In the south in the direction of Laon you find properties made out of stone. In the north the properties date from around 1900 and have lot's of elements from the beginning of the industrial age. They are built with bricks with Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) elements. Here you can see the Flemish influence. In the Thierache other properties are built with clay, timber framing and plaster on the outside (mud house). These houses were built on a brick foundation. In the sixties and seventies the Thierache was a well known stop for Dutch artists on their way to Paris. In the village of Jeantes the Dutch painter Charles Eijck made a painting on the ceiling in the church.

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Soissons Aisne house picture 5862223

house Soissons


€ 170.000 In Soissons nice property for sale in the region Picardy. House with nice garden...


La Neuville-lès-Dorengt Aisne house picture 5801726

house La Neuville-lès-Dorengt


€ 65.000 For Sale house in La Neuville-lès-Dorengt. In La Neuville-lès-Dorengt nice property for sale in...

Watigny Aisne house picture 5795187

house Watigny


€ 110.500 House with a total of 5 rooms. For Sale house in Watigny. Buy this...

Laffaux Aisne estate picture 5862909

estate Laffaux


€ 267.500 Estate for sale with reference 340932525775. In Laffaux nice property for sale in the...

Lor Aisne villa picture 5854391

villa Lor


€ 1.880.000 This property in Lor (Aisne) is offered by real estate agent Unique Living. Villa...

Lor Aisne villa picture 5854389

villa Lor


€ 1.820.000 In France in postcode area 02190 for sale splendid property. Buy this villa in...

Lor Aisne terrain picture 5690291

terrain Lor


€ 850.000 Buy this terrain in the French departement Aisne. In Lor nice property for sale...

La Fère Aisne house picture 5838531

house La Fère


€ 29.000 House for sale with reference 830038734023. In La Fère nice property for sale in...

Pargny-Filain Aisne house picture 5838424

house Pargny-Filain


€ 65.000 Buying a House with a surface of 90 m2. Buy this house in the...

Hirson Aisne mansion picture 5861831

mansion Hirson


€ 115.000 Mansion for sale with reference 340938829175. This property in Hirson (Aisne) is offered by...

Château-Thierry Aisne house picture 5861759

house Château-Thierry


€ 202.000 Top buy in Château-Thierry only 202000 euro. In Château-Thierry nice property for sale in...


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