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Duntzenheim Bas-Rhin terrain picture 4249608

terrain Duntzenheim


€ 99.000 In France in postcode area 67270 for sale splendid property. Buy this terrain in...


Ottwiller Bas-Rhin terrain picture 4249595

terrain Ottwiller


€ 25.000 Top buy in Ottwiller only 25000 euro. In France in postcode area 67320 for...

Hirschland Bas-Rhin house picture 4249567

house Hirschland


€ 39.200 House for sale with reference VM588-TOMIMMO-37. Buying a House with a surface of 180...

Sarre-Union Bas-Rhin house picture 4249563

house Sarre-Union


€ 25.000 House for sale with reference VM558-TOMIMMO-37. Buy this house in the French departement Bas-Rhin....

Siewiller Bas-Rhin house picture 4249551

house Siewiller


€ 109.000 House for sale with reference VM482-TOMIMMO-37. In Siewiller nice property for sale in the...

Puberg Bas-Rhin house picture 4249545

house Puberg


€ 169.000 House for sale with reference VM452-TOMIMMO-36. House with nice garden or terrain of 900...

Weyer Bas-Rhin house picture 4249539

house Weyer


€ 127.200 In Weyer nice property for sale in the region Alsace. For Sale house in...

Bischtroff-sur-Sarre Bas-Rhin house picture 4249535

house Bischtroff-sur-Sarre


€ 54.200 This property in Bischtroff-sur-Sarre (Bas-Rhin) is offered by real estate agent Tom Immobilier. House...

Colmar Haut-Rhin house picture 4250098

house Colmar


€ 460.000 4-zimmer-haus auf einem grundstück von 3.50 ares standard, ideal gelegen im viertel der Gemüsegärtner in...

Colmar Haut-Rhin apartment picture 4250097

apartment Colmar


€ 129.500 The city center of Colmar, close to the gendarmerie, quiet.\nAppartement 2 parts light of 56.6...

Batzendorf Bas-Rhin terrain picture 4250088

terrain Batzendorf


€ 117.700 At BATZENDORF, in a quiet, beautiful land of 5,10 ares. \npossibilite establishing a bi-famille.\nHaguenau House...


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