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Buy a property in the region Haute-Saône in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 185 properties for sale in Haute-Saône. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Haute-Saône or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Haute-Saône is € 134.931.

A lovely not so well know eastern department of France located in the Franche Comté region. This French region has a hilly countryside with pastures and forests. Perhaps it looks a bit a like England, but with a warmer climate. The Haute-Saone is an old winemakers' region, but this craft mostly died out. Some vinyards can still be found around the town of Champlitte. In the small villages you can find old wine houses and self sufficient village farms which are really authentic inside with oak beams, wooden doors and windows, cast iron elements and big “Comtoise” chimneys. Houses are high with thick chalk stone walls (70 cm). The roof originally consisted of authentic flat tiles (clay slates). A lot of village churches still have these flat tiles in a colorful mosaic. Haute-Saône you can find cheap houses with big barns (great for barn conversions) with almost castle like interiors. A great tip for authentic properties lovers. Property prices for houses in the Haute-Saône are low, especially in the villages!

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Vitrey-sur-Mance Haute-Saône village house picture 5439078

village house Vitrey-sur-Mance


€ 57.000 Buying a Village House with a surface of 250 m2. Top buy in Vitrey-sur-Mance...


Jussey Haute-Saône house picture 5861146

house Jussey


€ 135.000 House with nice garden or terrain of 12545 m2. This property in Jussey (Haute-Saône)...

Saint-Loup-sur-Semouse Haute-Saône city house picture 5869188

city house Saint-Loup-sur-Semouse


€ 55.500 For Sale city house in Saint-Loup-sur-Semouse. In Saint-Loup-sur-Semouse nice property for sale in the...

Dampierre-sur-Linotte Haute-Saône house picture 5868492

house Dampierre-sur-Linotte


€ 96.500 This property in Dampierre-sur-Linotte (Haute-Saône) is offered by real estate agent Dr House -...

Montigny-lès-Vesoul Haute-Saône house picture 5860601

house Montigny-lès-Vesoul


€ 317.000 House with a total of 8 rooms. In Montigny-lès-Vesoul nice property for sale in...

Charmoille Haute-Saône house picture 5860600

house Charmoille


€ 159.600 In France in postcode area 70000 for sale splendid property. Top buy in Charmoille...

Mercey-sur-Saône Haute-Saône house picture 5844275

house Mercey-sur-Saône


€ 60.000 House with a total of 6 rooms. This property in Mercey-sur-Saône (Haute-Saône) is offered...

Fleurey-lès-Lavoncourt Haute-Saône terrain picture 5865714

terrain Fleurey-lès-Lavoncourt


€ 20.000 Buy this terrain in the French departement Haute-Saône. Buying a Terrain with a surface...

Quitteur Haute-Saône house picture 5865295

house Quitteur


€ 311.400 House with nice garden or terrain of 2045 m2. For Sale house in Quitteur....

Vesoul Haute-Saône house picture 5865047

house Vesoul


€ 230.000 House with nice garden or terrain of 920 m2. In Vesoul nice property for...

Mont-le-Vernois Haute-Saône house picture 5864888

house Mont-le-Vernois


€ 165.000 This property in Mont-le-Vernois (Haute-Saône) is offered by real estate agent Optimhome Velleguindry Et...


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