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Buy a property in the region Hautes-Pyrénées in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 878 properties for sale in Hautes-Pyrénées. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Hautes-Pyrénées or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Hautes-Pyrénées is € 191.573.

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Bize Hautes-Pyrénées terrain picture 4663258

terrain Bize


€ 19.000 In France in postcode area 65150 for sale splendid property. Top buy in Bize...


Real estate agent specialised in rural properties.

Real estate agent specialised in rural properties!

Bize Hautes-Pyrénées terrain picture 4663257

terrain Bize


€ 29.500 In Bize nice property for sale in the region Midi-Pyrénées. Top buy in Bize...

Siradan Hautes-Pyrénées terrain picture 4663244

terrain Siradan


€ 56.000 In Siradan nice property for sale in the region Midi-Pyrénées. In France in postcode...

Lapeyre Hautes-Pyrénées terrain picture 4660684

terrain Lapeyre


€ 75.000 Terrain with nice garden or terrain of 7927 m2. Buy this terrain in the...

Fréchède Hautes-Pyrénées terrain picture 4660683

terrain Fréchède


€ 37.000 Terrain for sale with reference 409261. Buy this terrain in the French departement Hautes-Pyrénées....

Castelnau-Magnoac Hautes-Pyrénées house picture 4668213

house Castelnau-Magnoac


€ 260.000 Top buy in Castelnau-Magnoac only 260000 euro. House for sale with reference MM1183LT-MAISONS. For...

Tournous-Darré Hautes-Pyrénées house picture 4668202

house Tournous-Darré


€ 648.000 House with a total of 9 rooms. Top buy in Tournous-Darré only 648000 euro....

Organ Hautes-Pyrénées house picture 4668199

house Organ


€ 339.150 Top buy in Organ only 339150 euro. House for sale with reference MM1184GN-MAISONS. For...

Lourdes Hautes-Pyrénées house picture 4668095

house Lourdes


€ 176.600 Buy this house in the French departement Hautes-Pyrénées. Top buy in Lourdes only 176600...

Tournous-Devant Hautes-Pyrénées villa picture 4531273

villa Tournous-Devant


€ 645.000 Spacious refined modern living with ecological design.A stunning conversion of a Gascon farmhouse has created...

Tournous-Darré Hautes-Pyrénées villa picture 4530262

villa Tournous-Darré


€ 645.000 This 19C farmhouse and adjoining barn has been subject to extensive renovations, which have rejuvenated...


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