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Bénestroff Moselle terrain picture 4249602

terrain Bénestroff


€ 26.200 Buy this terrain in the French departement Moselle. In France in postcode area 57670...


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Loudrefing Moselle terrain picture 4249601

terrain Loudrefing


€ 29.200 In Loudrefing nice property for sale in the region Lorraine. In France in postcode...

Loudrefing Moselle terrain picture 4249596

terrain Loudrefing


€ 29.200 In Loudrefing nice property for sale in the region Lorraine. For Sale terrain in...

Saint-Remy Vosges estate picture 3635589

estate Saint-Remy


€ 425.000 OVERVIEWA dream home surrounded by a large, park of 10000sq mts, like plot of land,...

Bénestroff Moselle house picture 4249576

house Bénestroff


€ 106.000 This property in Bénestroff (Moselle) is offered by real estate agent Tom Immobilier. In...

Zilling Moselle house picture 4249550

house Zilling


€ 59.200 Buy this house in the French departement Moselle. In Zilling nice property for sale...

Basse-Rentgen Moselle terrain picture 4250115

terrain Basse-Rentgen


€ 168.000 IMMONEXT, real estate agency specialized on the border area, offers you in the centre of...

Docelles Vosges house picture 3011032

house Docelles


€ 485.000 House has 4 bedrooms. In France in postcode area 88460 for sale splendid property....

Trémery Moselle house picture 4250114

house Trémery


€ 288.000 IMMONEXT, real estate agency, offers to Damascus, a terraced house with 4 rooms on one...

Volstroff Moselle house picture 4250113

house Volstroff


€ 365.000 IMMONEXT, vous propose cette maison individuelle de plain pied d'une superficie de 110m2 sur la...

Malroy Moselle house picture 4250112

house Malroy


€ 439.000 MAISON COUP DE COEUR \nIMMONEXT, your real estate agency offers you this detached house...




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