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Châteauneuf-Val-de-Bargis Nièvre property with holiday home picture 3587143

property with holiday home Châteauneuf-Val-de-Bargis


€ 132.000 In Châteauneuf-Val-de-Bargis nice property for sale in the region Burgundy. Property With Holiday Home...



French real estate agent with authentic properties in the heart of France (Allier, Cher, Creuse, Haute-Vienne, Indre, Indre et Loire, Loiret, Loir et Cher, Nievre, Puy-de-Dôme, Sarthe, Yonne et Vienne)

Chaumard Nièvre estate picture 3059800

estate Chaumard


€ 290.000 This property in Chaumard (Nièvre) is offered by real estate agent null. Estate has...

Grury Saône-et-Loire house picture 3995422

house Grury


€ 29.500 In France in postcode area 71760 for sale splendid property. This property in Grury...

Beaune Côte-d'Or apartment picture 3995743

apartment Beaune


€ 74.500 Agentur Dr. House Beaune hren 03 80 20 28 93 06 99 80 03 34...

La Comelle Saône-et-Loire house picture 3937678

house La Comelle


€ 236.250 Situated in the southern part of the Morvan this spacious house with a large living...

Chagny Saône-et-Loire house picture 3937677

house Chagny


€ 49.000 Town buildings, with new roof, and all new connections, ready to be developed. In village...

Meloisey Côte-d'Or house picture 3937675

house Meloisey


€ 445.000 In a hamlet between Beaune and Meursault, this charming stone house has been renovated with...

Beaune Côte-d'Or house picture 3937673

house Beaune


€ 179.000 In a small complex of 5 apartments, situated on the 2nd floor, this apartment is...

Beurizot Côte-d'Or farm picture 3937670

farm Beurizot


€ 115.000 Charming stone cottage offering immediate habitable conditions with 2 bedrooms, spacious conservatory overlooking the garden...

Nolay Côte-d'Or house picture 3937669

house Nolay


€ 165.000 In wine growing hamlet Marcheseuil, two bedroom house fully equipped and furnished on 600m2 plot...

Painblanc Côte-d'Or house picture 3937668

house Painblanc


€ 98.000 This attractive charming cottage offers immediate habitable conditions, rental income, good location, and is situated...


Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and Alps

Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and the Alps.



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