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Ressons-sur-Matz Oise house picture 3863638

house Ressons-sur-Matz


€ 152.900 Sandra Minel en Loic Grzesik, onafhankelijke agenten beschikbaar om 0674646391 en 0686284048 u bieden Sector...


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Solente Oise house picture 3863637

house Solente


€ 199.000 Sandra Minel and Loic Grzesik, independent agents available to 0674646391 and 0686284048 offer you EXCLUSIVE...

Montataire Oise house picture 3863143

house Montataire


€ 104.999 OPTIMHOME - Nicolas Fuchs (06 11 74 48 32) offers for sale this beautiful very...

Senlis Oise house picture 3863002

house Senlis


€ 649.000 Philippe BONZON OPTIMHOME 06-08-60-24-10 bietet zum verkauf eine schne familie zu hause von 325 m2,...

Tillé Oise house picture 3862542

house Tillé


€ 160.000 Investment PROPERTY in BEAUVAIS\n2 batches 1 STUDIO and 1 T2\nLOYER 480€\nLOYER 485€\n\nRAPPORT 11580€ //...

Saint-Martin-le-Noeud Oise house picture 3862540

house Saint-Martin-le-Noeud


€ 365.000 Beautiful house of 190m2 in Beauvais at 2 steps from the city centre.\nExcellent condition.\n\nSpacieux stay...

Tillé Oise apartment picture 3862539

apartment Tillé


€ 56.000 In compromise bright Apartment, \nOffrant a living room,\n a kitchen arranged and equipped,\n 2...

Allonne Oise house picture 3862541

house Allonne


€ 286.000 In Beauvais, pavilion 7 parts 180 m2, 5 rooms with the DRC Entry, stay...

Chaumont-en-Vexin Oise house picture 3855987

house Chaumont-en-Vexin


€ 235.000 Buy this house in the French departement Oise. House with a total of 4...

Goincourt Oise commercial picture 3855142

commercial Goincourt


€ 124.600 In France in postcode area 60000 for sale splendid property. For Sale commercial in...

Bailly Oise terrain picture 3860357

terrain Bailly


€ 40.000 In central downtown, beautiful piece of land to build 300 m2 with street front of...


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