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Buy a property in the region Saône-et-Loire in France from real estate agents, notaries or private owners. Currently we have 861 properties for sale in Saône-et-Loire. Use the Franimo searchbox to find more holiday homes, houses, appartments, castles, barns or villas for sale in Saône-et-Loire or anywhere else in France. Franimo more than 250.000 French properties.

The average Franimo real estate price when buying a property in Saône-et-Loire is € 188.800.

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Paris-l'Hôpital Saône-et-Loire house picture 6104501

house Paris-l'Hôpital


€ 235.000 Dubbed the white chalet by the locals, its 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room...


Épinac Saône-et-Loire mansion picture 6104500

mansion Épinac


€ 316.000 This red brick house with a slate roof, on the edge of a village on...

Saint-Léger-du-Bois Saône-et-Loire house picture 6104498

house Saint-Léger-du-Bois


€ 119.000 Cosy two bedroom house on 3000m2 plot.Beautiful views from the garden over the valley and...

Montceau-les-Mines Saône-et-Loire house picture 6104460

house Montceau-les-Mines


€ 84.500 Top buy in Montceau-les-Mines only 84500 euro. In Montceau-les-Mines nice property for sale in...

Loché Saône-et-Loire house picture 6102602

house Loché


€ 82.500 In France in postcode area 71000 for sale splendid property. For Sale house in...

Céron Saône-et-Loire house picture 6103075

house Céron


€ 65.000 Top buy in Céron only 65000 euro. In Céron nice property for sale in...

Cluny Saône-et-Loire house picture 6102837

house Cluny


€ 39.000 House for sale with reference 75008115623. Buy this house in the French departement Saône-et-Loire....

La Clayette Saône-et-Loire house picture 6102713

house La Clayette


€ 365.000 Mandate Id-FNM140583 House approximately 269 m2 including 8 room(s) - 5 bed-rooms + Site...

Gueugnon Saône-et-Loire house picture 6102712

house Gueugnon


€ 82.500 Mandate Id-FNM137311 House approximately 78 m2 including 4 room(s) - 2 bed-rooms + Site...

Gueugnon Saône-et-Loire house picture 6102641

house Gueugnon


€ 191.000 Mandate Id-FNM142038 House approximately 90 m2 including 7 room(s) - 3 bed-rooms + Cour...

Saint-Aubin-en-Charollais Saône-et-Loire house picture 6102640

house Saint-Aubin-en-Charollais


€ 190.000 Mandate Id-FNM143284 House approximately 180 m2 including 10 room(s) - 3 bed-rooms + Garden...


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