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Optimhome Saint Dizier - Cattani

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12 rue de l'arquebuse
52100 Saint Dizier

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Vouécourt Haute-Marne house picture 3901284

house Vouécourt


€ 200.000 VOUECOURT (52320) 20 minutes from CHAUMONT, beautiful House of recent construction (10 years) in quiet...


Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and Alps

Verified real estate agent for luxery properties in the Riviera, Provence, Paris, Languedoc, on the west coast and the Alps.

Chaumont Haute-Marne house picture 3872085

house Chaumont


€ 420.000 Ideally located in downtown of Chaumont 52000Ensemble real estate offices on 2 levels of close...

Brienne-le-Château Aube house picture 3871744

house Brienne-le-Château


€ 100.000 Brienne-Le-Château town center close to lakes Amance and Temple (12minutes). Thanks to this house ideally...

Wassy Haute-Marne city house picture 3871698

city house Wassy


€ 46.500 TOWNHOUSE, 2 bedrooms with dependencies // TERRAINCENTRE WASSY, Nice House of 80 sqm to freshen...

Saint-Dizier Haute-Marne city house picture 3871661

city house Saint-Dizier


€ 89.500 SAINT-DIZIER, mooi huis van 68 m2 (mogelijkheid +) 3 kamers met tuin, in woonwijk, dicht...

Bienville Haute-Marne house picture 3868244

house Bienville


€ 230.000 EURVILLE-BIENVILLE, in this much sought after village with all amenities (shops, schools, pharmacy...) at 5...

Saint-Dizier Haute-Marne house picture 3862157

house Saint-Dizier


€ 175.000 SAINT-DIZIER, downtown, has to sell House of master end 19th ranked remarkable monuments. Come and...

Roches-sur-Marne Haute-Marne village house picture 3842420

village house Roches-sur-Marne


€ 89.000 MAISON EN PIERRE ROCHES-SUR-MARNE 52410 3 CHAMBRESVue sur la marne, cette maison à finir de...

Froncles Haute-Marne house picture 3841768

house Froncles


€ 115.000 Top buy in Froncles only 115000 euro. House for sale with reference 830034343529. In...

Manois Haute-Marne house picture 3840689

house Manois


€ 170.000 This property in Manois (Haute-Marne) is offered by real estate agent Optimhome Saint Dizier...

Thonnance-lès-Joinville Haute-Marne terrain picture 3840384

terrain Thonnance-lès-Joinville


€ 115.000 Terrain for sale with reference 830035324770. Top buy in Thonnance-lès-Joinville only 115000 euro. Buy...


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