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Provenchères-sur-Fave Vosges house picture 4427755

house Provenchères-sur-Fave


€ 179.000 Located in the village of Provenchères and Colroy, halfway between Villé and Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, we offer...


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Saint-Remy Vosges estate picture 3635589

estate Saint-Remy


€ 425.000 OVERVIEWA dream home surrounded by a large, park of 10000sq mts, like plot of land,...

Le Tholy Vosges terrain picture 4427018

terrain Le Tholy


€ 95.000 Top buy in Le Tholy only 95000 euro. For Sale terrain in Le Tholy....

Regnévelle Vosges village house picture 4383316

village house Regnévelle


€ 27.000 Village house to renovate in Regnevelle. Border south Vosges and the Haute Saône and 6...

Taintrux Vosges house picture 4371999

house Taintrux


€ 243.800 In a small village 5 km East of Ste Marguerite, stands this Finnish chalet built...

Bains-les-Bains Vosges house picture 4316881

house Bains-les-Bains


€ 450.000 For Sale house in Bains-les-Bains. Buy this house in the French departement Vosges. In...

Martinvelle Vosges village house picture 4366886

village house Martinvelle


€ 25.000 Fermette in a small quiet village. In Morizecourt this 19th century village farmhouse to renovate,...

Nomexy Vosges house picture 4363434

house Nomexy


€ 253.000 Buy this house in the French departement Vosges. House with nice garden or terrain...

Saint-Dié Vosges villa picture 4361740

villa Saint-Dié


€ 312.700 In a quiet village about 7 km Northwest of Saint Dié-Des-Vosges, renovated early 20th century...

Isches Vosges village house picture 4357135

village house Isches


€ 55.000 Rustic house on 0,12 Acres. Situated in a characteristic village and quiet location between Bourbonne...

Le Ménil Vosges house picture 4424615

house Le Ménil


€ 128.000 Plaease click through for full information about this property....


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