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Saint-Hilaire-en-Morvan Nièvre farm picture 4173295

farm Saint-Hilaire-en-Morvan


€ 225.000 For sale in Burgundy, on the western hills of the Morvan natural park, only a...



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Nevers Nièvre house picture 4425572

house Nevers


€ 32.500 For Sale house in Nevers. In France in postcode area 58000 for sale splendid...

Nevers Nièvre house picture 4425573

house Nevers


€ 42.500 This property in Nevers (Nièvre) is offered by real estate agent Transaxia Imphy. In...

Livry Nièvre detached house picture 4408444

detached house Livry


€ 30.000 For Sale detached house in Livry. Detached House for sale with reference SI1217. Buy...

Lormes Nièvre house picture 4408435

house Lormes


€ 210.000 For Sale house in Lormes. In France in postcode area 58140 for sale splendid...

Brassy Nièvre detached house picture 4408432

detached house Brassy


€ 70.000 Buy this detached house in the French departement Nièvre. Detached House for sale with...

Bazoches Nièvre detached house picture 4408431

detached house Bazoches


€ 99.000 Top buy in Bazoches only 99000 euro. In France in postcode area 58190 for...

Saint-Saulge Nièvre detached house picture 4408412

detached house Saint-Saulge


€ 106.000 In Saint-Saulge nice property for sale in the region Burgundy. For Sale detached house...

Imphy Nièvre detached house picture 4408407

detached house Imphy


€ 291.500 In Imphy nice property for sale in the region Burgundy. Top buy in Imphy...

Cercy-la-Tour Nièvre detached house picture 4408406

detached house Cercy-la-Tour


€ 115.000 In France in postcode area 58340 for sale splendid property. Detached House for sale...

Châtillon-en-Bazois Nièvre detached house picture 4408402

detached house Châtillon-en-Bazois


€ 70.000 Buy this detached house in the French departement Nièvre. In France in postcode area...


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